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Quickly recovering from awkwardness, he added, “Would you like something to drink? I’ve got ice tea…orange juice…or water.”

She bit her lip again. “I think I’d like ice tea…in a moment.”

His eyebrows raised high on his forehead, surprised by her answer. “In a moment? Alright. Just say the word.”

She moved closer to him…close enough to touch. His nostrils flared, he inhaled sharply and caught a faint whiff of jasmine mingled with her natural body scent. It smelled sweet…and succulent…and welcome to his senses. “What are you doing?” he asked, nervous as hell.

“Just moving closer to you.” Her mouth curved into that sweet smile again and teeny weeny creases appeared at the corners of her almond shaped eyes. “I don’t bite.” She stood looking up at him in a beguiling manner.

Amour from the Wicked Series“You’re a shorty,” he said, searching for something to say.

“You’re a big guy,” she countered.

“I am that,” he agreed. He noticed that he was getting aroused and hoped she would not look down at his pants. He turned to face the window.



“Look at me.”

He turned to face her again. She had stepped so close that his arm brushed hers when he made the pivot. “What?” he repeated.

“I….” She looked down at her feet. Then she looked up at him through her lashes. “I think you’re beautiful, too.”

A wave of emotion flashed crossed his face….pleasure…uncertainty…fear. “I don’t think anyone has told me that before,” he admitted. He swallowed hard…again.

“Well, you are,” she stated, contemplating her toes.

“Thank you.” He reached out a finger to touch her soft cheek. “Now you look at me,” he said bravely, ignoring his life-long habit of no eye contact. When she complied, Kai took a deep breath. Vibrant blue on deep green….deep green on vibrant blue…. His face became serious, fearing what he might see. But in that moment, all he saw was adoration and beauty, mixed with the same nervousness that matched his own. Fierce desire arose like a hot flame, burning through his hesitation. “I really want to kiss you…may I?” What was with the question? At least my mamma taught good manners he thought with wry amusement.

She nodded. “Please…” she breathed.

It was that small word…the “please”…that made his knees weak. He put his hands behind her neck and leaned down towards her face. When their lips connected, he experienced a flush of pleasure. He kissed her tenderly, gently, being careful to not let his passion get the best of him. Then he eased back and released her lips with a soft smack.

They both swallowed in unison. “Was that okay?” He didn’t know why he felt like asking that but it seemed right to do so.

She nodded again and bit her lip.

“Can I kiss you again?” What’s up with the politeness? he chided.


Once more he leaned down to connect his lips with hers. This time he allowed the tip of his tongue to tentatively enter her mouth in a tender exploration. When she gave a reciprocal caress with the tip of hers, he took that as an invitation and just let go, allowing the passion he’d been holding back to carry him deeper into the kiss. He pressed his lips against hers ravenously…thrust his tongue in deeper…pulled her closer to him. Moans vibrated between them as their lips moved against one another, pressing and sucking. After several moments of lip smacking exploration, they pulled apart. Her lips were red and somewhat swollen; her eyes were bright and the pupils dark. “Are you okay?” he asked. He’d never been so concerned about a kiss in his life. But then, he’d never felt this way about anyone before.

She gave that same small nod again.

Oh, God….now that he’d allowed his passion to be released, he didn’t want to stop. “Come here…” He reached for her hand and pulled her over to the generously sized man chair. Easing his frame into the chair he pulled her on top of him. The soft leather chair was large enough that her legs rested easily on either side of him, and her core was planted firmly against his hard erection. He was overcome with want and need, unable to hold back. She buried her lips against his and the kissing marathon continued, unbridled. He thought he could kiss her for hours…and then again, maybe he just would. He had nothing better to do today. And this…this exchange of heat and passion…this was far better than anything else he could think of to occupy his time. As they kissed, he swept his hands up and down her back, his fingers exploring her curves, pushing up underneath her tank top. The feeling of her skin, all warm and silky-smooth, was almost unbearable to touch. Releasing his hold on her back, he pushed his fingers through her curls and held the sides of her head between his palms in a tender embrace. Then, he ran his fingers up and down her neck in short, heated strokes. The sensations coursing through him were penetrating heat waves and tremors….he experienced her vibrating signature…her essence…and the feeling of her…it was like…it was like…oh, hell, he had no reference for it at all. Everything seemed so extreme – pulsations in his heart…a throbbing ache in his groin. Sweet Jesus – he couldn’t recall anything ever coming close to the scorching sizzle and burn he was experiencing right now. And, listening to her erotic moans, he was pretty certain she felt the same.

Read the Wicked Series and get caught up!

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