Ah, love…this is the thing we all long for…the food that supposedly makes the world go around. Some say it is the heartbeat of the Universe. I’ve got an abundance of love in my life, flowing in and out like waves upon the shore. Love is the essence that adds meaning and warmth to my life…the connection that allows me to move through difficult times with loved ones…the faith that keeps me going when times are uncertain. It is also the joy that deepens my passion and fuels my creativity. In Amour, allow me to share with you some tidbits of loving scenes.

A Wicked Awakening by Calinda B“…But before you go, I have a gift for you.” He picked up a box that was nestled by his side. “Mon amour…”

He extended the proffered box to my waiting hands. It was a beautiful, hand-carved box about three inches by three inches. I turned it over in my hands, tracing the intricate carved figures and gold inlay adorning the cover. There were five, tiny dolphins carved into the sweet-scented wood, leaping out of a filigreed sea. The dolphins were arranged in an elaborate Celtic knot. “Kayden!” I exclaimed, suddenly feeling very shy. “What is this for?”

“It’s yours, amour. I’ve been waiting for the right time to give it back to you.” He gazed at me with passion and warmth.

“Why is this time the right time?”

“It just…it just IS, chère.”

“Why did you say, give it back? I’ve never seen this box in my life.”

“Open, it chère. See if you remember.”

My breath caught in my throat. He regarded me with such intensity; I wanted to let my head fall back into a swoon. With trembling fingers, I lifted the cover. The tiny hinges made a wonderful melodious note when the top opened. The petite chord resonated in the air and faded with a sigh.

As I beheld his gift, I gasped. There sat a delicate ring like the one I had seen on Kayden’s finger at the pier a lifetime ago. The ring pulsed with a radiant glow. I heard faint voices, minuscule whispers coming from the ring. Closing my eyes, I saw a chorus of beings, softly singing my praises.

“Kayden, I can’t accept this…” I pushed the ring box back towards him. “I…I…I don’t deserve this ring, don’t remember it at all.”

“Are you sure, chère? Are you positive?” He beheld me with somber hopefulness, as if willing me to remember. “Why don’t you try it on?”

With still shaking hands, I lifted the magnificent circle out of its small resting place. “Which finger shall I place it on?”

“You decide, or, better yet, let the ring decide.”

Holding the ring in my left hand, I felt a tug towards the middle finger of my right hand. The ring seemed to leap out of my left hand to find its way to my right. As it encircled my finger, a cool rush of energy wound its way up my hand, snaked up my arm, and settled in my heart.

“Perfect placement,” Kayden uttered. “It knows its rightful place.”

From A Wicked Awakening, available on iTunes, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

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