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The Book Lovers Buffet Sale has ended but the Books a Fire Books a Blaze .99 and free sale is going on May 13 – May 31. Visit

Here’s an excerpt from one of my books on sale, The Beckoning of Beautiful Things:
When Marissa arrived at work, Crazy Betty sat at the front desk, as usual. Crazy Betty seemed as old as the brick building housing PS Publishing. She’d probably worked there since the beginning of time. Her real name was Betty Worthington, but everyone called her Crazy Betty – just not to her face.

The Beckoning of Beautiful Things, romantic suspenseBetty grew up in the hills of Virginia – the App-uh-latch-a’s, as she called them. “I’m hillbilly, and I’m not ashamed,” she often liked to say. She had been a chain smoker for much of her life and coughed like her body still heaved up tobacco memories, drank whiskey straight up on Friday nights, and spoke with a Southern drawl. Her sagging, wrinkled skin reminded Marissa of a Galapagos tortoise face. Her job was to answer the phones, but when the phone wasn’t ringing, she could usually be found spreading Tarot cards out along the counter for customers. She claimed to have “the sight.”

“Good morning, child,” she said, looking over the tops of her red polka dot reading glasses. Her deep, gravelly voice tumbled from her mouth like sand over wet pebbles.

“Morning, Betty.”

“You look different this morning. What happened?”

“What do you mean?” Marissa stepped around the blond wood front counter, heading for the back, where her desk was.

“My little Buddy did the strangest thing last night.” Betty’s elder-mind drifted from topic to topic like she was finding her way through a conversation, stepping along stones and the occasional log to get to the other side of a creek.

“What did your Chihuahua do?” Marissa paused at the door to the back office.

“He chased Pumpkin around the yard, something he hasn’t been able to do for years.” She hacked and coughed, reaching for the handkerchief she kept tucked in her bosom.

“It’s summer. Maybe he just felt good.”

“No, lord, no, I think his time is coming. I think he was chasing the Grim Reaper away, saying that he’s not ready to go just yet.”

“You said he was chasing the cat.”

“The Reaper probably disguised himself as the cat to make Buddy feel at ease. He can do that, you know.” She gave Marissa a rheumy-eyed glare.

“No, I didn’t know that.”

“What did you do to yourself? You look different.”

“It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 26.”

“Lord, lord, happy birthday, child! Come give Betty a squeeze.”

Marissa stepped gingerly over to the elderly woman.

Betty folded Marissa into a cloud of sour sweat, fresh-baked cookies, old-lady cologne and oodles of warmth, patting her back like she was a baby. She released Marissa and picked up her cards, tapping them on the counter. “Let’s see what the spirits have to say about your birthday.”

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