Warning: Excerpts may contain adult language and explicit content.

Must be 18 years old to read.

From the Beckoning of Beautiful Things, scheduled for release April, 2013:

She stepped across the room and stood before the generously sized full-length mirror. A beautiful stranger stared back at her. She stood, curvaceous and tall, bejeweled and dazzling bright. She looked like one of those sensual, finely detailed illustrations of goddesses she had painted in school. She remembered the pleasure she’d had adorning them with jewels, flowers, feathers and not much else.

She turned side to side in wonder. Light burst from her ears, her neck, her belly and her legs. It streamed down her arms and vibrated from her hands. “Oh, my God, Daniel. Who is this person?”

He sauntered over to the bed stand, pulled open the drawer, retrieved something and made his way over to her. “This person is my heart and soul. She needs one more piece to remind her of that.” He draped a braided necklace along her chest. “Hair, please, mi amor.”

She lifted her abundant hair and he fastened the jewelry behind her neck.

“What do you think?”

“Oh! It’s beautiful!”

At the center of the gold cup lay a sparkling emerald. Golden strands cascaded between her breasts. The light pouring from her body converged at the gem, manifesting in small green rays. A most delicious sensation radiated from her chest.

She turned to and fro in front of the mirror, thoughtfully scrutinizing this new being who stood before her. She extended one hand and then the other, willing the light and heat from her palms and fingertips. She bent her legs, flexed her arms, made fists and released them. “Wow. Power. All this power was hidden away from me.”

“Yes. But now it’s back. You’re beginning to own it, aren’t you, dulzura?”

“I’m trying. It feels a bit foreign, like a long lost relation has come to town. But I believe I’m going to get along really well with her. I believe she and I are going to get along great.” She swept her arms up and down, sending rays of light in every direction. “What will I be able to do with this new power? What does a light rebel do?”

“Traditionally, light rebels were used to pierce the darkness. They illuminate that which is hidden. They serve to restore order to chaos. In your case, we’ll have to find out, won’t we?”

“I don’t like it that this was hidden from me.”

“Nor do I, but that’s a subject for another time.” He slowly strolled over to where she stood, coming up to stand behind her.

She regarded the two of them, reflected before her. His eyes pulsed with an eerie blue light. “Your eyes – they’re lit from within. I’ve never seen that.”

“Nor have I. This is the result of you and me. I told you, you affect me in some new ways.”

“Good ways, I hope.”

“Yes,” he said simply. “Good ways. I am restored when we’re together.”

“Like when you suck on my breasts and drink the light?”

“Yes.” His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down and his cock stirred against her skin.

“Like when we kiss and the light streams from my mouth into your throat?”

His blues eyes pulsed with light and he took a sharp intake of breath. “Yes, like that.”

Marissa considered this for a moment. “I guess you’ll have to be nice to me then to keep getting the goods.”

“Yes. Why wouldn’t I be nice to you?” He placed his hands on her arms and stroked them up and down.

“I saw what you did to Jason. And I don’t yet know what you are capable of. This just seems like an insurance policy, you know?”

He frowned slightly. “Do you need an insurance policy?”

“You did bind my soul to yours without checking with me first.”

“And,” he began, circling his palms around her breasts and fingering her nipples. “You did agree that it might have been a good idea since you met El Demonio and he tried to implant himself inside of you.”

“Yes.” She placed her hands over his and guided his movements. “But turnabout is fair play, don’t you think? I want to be equals, not someone who keeps getting caught unaware with decisions you and Tom have made.” She pivoted to face him. “If I’m going to be a food source for you, I expect respect.”

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