Brittany! Meet songstress Brittany Bexton! Born with a lilt in her soul, and a shimmy to her step, her passion pours through her many abilities. A multi-talented individual, Brittany continues to hone her craft as a singer, actor and dancer. Let’s find out what she has to say:

CB: What’s your musical genre?

BB: I am a country artist with a bluesy, soulful undertone.

CB: I read that you sound like  Bonnie Raitt, Patsy Cline, Shawn Colvin,  Shania Twain, Wynonna Judd. I love Bonnie, Patsy and Wynonna! Them’s big shoes to fill, girl! I’m sure you pull it off and add a personal spin of your own. Which instrument(s) do you play?

BB: I have played a variety of instruments over time. I grew up playing violin and Clarinet, then I played piano, and later in life taught myself to play some guitar. Piano/keyboard is really the only instrument at this point that I play decently. Though I do play piano, I am really a singer first and foremost. I use piano as a writing tool mostly,  and I don’t really play on stage. I prefer to just sing and perform, and let someone else play for me who is as passionate about guitar as I am about singing.

CB:  What’s your earliest memory of being immersed in or influenced by music?

BB:  I honestly don’t remember a time that music wasn’t a huge part of me, and my life. I was the kid that was constantly humming. We actually have an old family picture from when I was just under 2 years old, of me, up on stage, singing into a microphone. We had been at a church camp, and I wandered away from my family and got up on stage, picked up a microphone and started singing. Music is who I am, and has been since the day I was born. As I got older, I did get more and more serious about music however, and started taking voice lessons when I was 12, after searching for someone who would take a young student.

CB:  What’s an interview question you wish someone would ask you?

BB:  What keeps you going on a daily basis in the midst of building a challenging career?

CB:  Oh, boy, that’s a question for all of us indie artists! What kinds of fiction do you believe your music could inspire?

BB:  If there were a book inspired by my music, it would definitely be a love story, the kind that is rocky, and epic.

CB:  I write steamy paranormal/sci-fi romantic adventures. If my work was to be made into a movie and you were to write the soundtrack, what would be the title of the opening song?

BB:  Love Beyond the Milky Way

CB:  Love that title, Brittany! Good one! How do people find out about you? Do you have any upcoming shows and/or music samples online?

BB:  People can find out about me by visiting my website: . My website connects to my facebook and twitter pages, and streams my music. I also have a tour page that has a current list of all my upcoming shows. I do have a few shows currently on the schedule, but will have a lot more posted soon, as I’m in the process of planning some mini touring dates now.

CB:  Who inspires you?

BB:  I find inspiration in a lot of different places. Sometimes my inspiration comes in the form of someone who has had significant struggle and still made it. When I was a kid, I loved reading about Helen Keller, because she was successful and functional against all odds. I’m inspired by music, just knowing that there are songs out there that have changed my life, and I have the power to create more, that inspires me to keep working, to keep creating. Sometimes my inspiration comes from people that criticize me. I know that seems funny, but it’s almost as if they light a brighter fire under me to prove them wrong, and succeed. And of course I am inspired by my friends, and family, and fans, who encourage me daily, and remind me what I’m working for.

CB:  What invention are you waiting for?

BB:  I’m waiting for a device that I can attach to my keys that beeps when I call it. Seriously I lose things when I’m trying to leave quite often, and I think it would be great if you could call your keys just like a cell phone and find them by listening for them!

CB:  That’s a device my sweetie pie could use for sure! What is your favorite cocktail or ice cream and your favorite spot to get it?

BB:  I like most ice cream, and my favorite changes daily, so I’m going to go with a cocktail. A Pina Colada on the beach!

CB:  Who is one of your favorite musicians?

BB:  There are so many musicians who I love that it is hard to choose from, but one of my favorites is Patsy Cline. I love her rich soulful voice, and jazzy country style. She also sang some fantastic songs. I truly do have inspiration from a lot of different artists in a lot of different genres though, so that is just one of many!

CB:  If you could go on tour with any band, who would it be?

BB:  If I could go on tour with any band, it would be Casey James and his crew. They are a great bunch of guys, funny, and very nice, as well as extremely talented musicians. I love country music with some blues mixed in, as I have a big background in jazz and blues. So, I really dig Casey’s music, and though we have our own unique styles, I think our music has a similar tone, and would be a good fit for touring.

CB:  Thanks for stopping by, Brittany! We hope our readers give your tunes a listen!

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