Jonathan Trawick!

Allow me to introduce you to Jonathan Trawick. Jonathan is a very cute (shameless flirt here) guitar and mandolin player from the good state of Arkansas. He seems like a down-to-earth, cheerful kind of guy. I listened to a couple of his tracks and his music is soulfully delicious and fun. How can you stay seated when the tunes start popping? Listening to JT and pals, I just want to get up and dance.

Jonathan Trawick Arkanas guitar and mandolin playerLet’s begin.

CB: What’s your musical genre?

Musical genre is a tough one to hit.  I learned playing rhythm guitar to fiddle tunes which eventually led to learning bluegrass songs and common tunes that were played in the jam circles I found myself in.  Following fiddle players around the country forced me to learn Western Swing and some country stuff.  Honestly, I play a little bit of everything.  When I write music, it comes out more contemporary, but sometimes it’s just fiddle tunes that I end up writing.

CB: Which instrument(s) do you play?

I play guitar and mandolin.

CB: What’s your earliest memory of being immersed in or influenced by music?

I was born into a musical family.  My Grandpa played fiddle and his son, my Dad did as well.  I didn’t start playing until I was 19.  I played baseball and had the “too cool for school” attitude toward what Dad did.

CB: Oh, that “too cool for school” attitude drove me nuts when my musically talented kids were in school. Been there with that one! So, what’s an interview question you wish someone would ask you?

Maybe it would be neat to be asked about my favorite experience traveling and playing music.  There are many great experiences and opportunities I’ve had.  I sure did love getting put up in a yurt on the beach at Big Sur, CA for a couple days just to teach fiddle and guitar to a private family.  That was amazing!

CB: Big Sur is incredible! I remember sitting in a hot tub, listening to the waves below and looking up at the stars. Thanks for reminding me! What kinds of fiction do you believe your music could inspire?

I could play music that would fit in any work of fiction.  There are so many great love songs and tunes.  Naturally, old time fiddle music fits nicely in an historical or western setting.  I’ve even heard bluegrass sounds used as the backdrop to an adult film.

CB: I write steamy paranormal/sci-fi romantic adventures. If my work was to be made into a movie and you were to write the soundtrack, what would be the title of the opening song?

Paranormal/sci-fi romantic adventure title song……hmmm…..69 Shades of Mars.  Haha!  Or maybe Laughing Girl.  It depends on the story.

CB: 69 Shades of Mars! I like that! Laughing Girl works, too. Humor is essential. You’d have to add some squeaking, squealing, scary sounding squawks in your music, though! I’ve got some scary scenes in my books. Next question: How do people find out about you? Do you have any upcoming shows and/or music samples online?

I am working on building my website, but it is not off the ground just yet.  In the meantime, folks can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reverbnation or just by plain ole email:  🙂  I have a show this Saturday night with my swing band.  The name of the band is Miss Nola Gaye and the Bombay Four.  We’re playing to the finest dance hall in northwest Arkansas.  It’s gonna be a great time!

CB:  Love the name of that band! Who inspires you?

Other musicians inspire me to get better and improve myself.  Dale Morris, Jr., Matthew Hartz are a couple that have really inspired me.  Dale plays fiddle for Ray Price and is a legend in the old time fiddle circles.  Matthew is as well.  I have worked with both of these great fiddle players and many others, but these to truly have the gift of inspiration.

CB: Good thoughts, Jonathan. You sound like a humble guy who honors and appreciates those around you. I like that quality. Sounds like you’ve evolved a little bit past the “too cool for school.” 😉 Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

I use “right on” way too much haha!

CB: Well, right on, Jonathan! Oops! Now you’ve got me saying it, too. Let’s move on. What is your favorite cocktail or ice cream?

My favorite cocktail…. Perhaps it would be a lemon drop martini.

CB: If you could go on tour with any band, who would it be?

If I could go on tour with any band, it would be Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Or the Time Jumpers.  It’d be terrific to go on tour with Tim O’Brien as well.

CB: Whenever I hear the name Lynard Skynard I start singing Sweet Home Alabama…where the skies are so blue…I’m singing it right now. I’m sure you’d bring a lot to whatever band you played with! Thanks for joining us today! I hope you have a great time this Saturday and I hope your musical journey through life is a fruitful one. I’ll be sure to keep you in mind when I get my movie rights rolling. 😉


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