I was thinking about that damn Hillbilly Bones song – you know, the one by Blake Shelton, that country western singer that I did not know from Adam until I watched The Voice? And thinking about the way I publicly renounced my one Hillbilly Bone, leaving it smashed along the highway when I left the country, Well, would you believe that bone may be on the mend? I hate to admit it. Don’t get me wrong – my R&B roots remain intact.I still prefer jamming to the down beat of a booming bass riff but….I was thinking about the cherished memories of events that gave me peace in my chaotic childhood and early adult years. Roaming the dusty roads, fields and streams with my cuz (yeah, yeah, the same cuz who pushed me into the ditch or forcefully pinned me to the metal bed frame when a friend was around – same one)…dipping into the creek when we got hot….cooling our feet in the ditch when the temperature started to bake. There was the thrill of sitting on a cutting horse at my uncles. He told me to “relax and hang onto the saddle horn – the horse will do the rest.” That horse found its mark Blake Shelton BSand away we went. (Okay, this tough guy uncle broke his leg on a later date,  got back in the saddle, never went to the doctors and no doubt healed with a hobble- it was the cowboy way – I didn’t say I the bone mend allowed me to embrace EVERYTHING about the hills). Or, at my best friends, we’d climb on the horses in the morning and head off into the hills, returning when evening fell. No parent ever scolded us for our journeys – they figured we were safe with the horses. Yeah, those moments were full of sweet, sweet honey. (Alright, so the dog wandered off while following us and got killed on the highway after we’d returned– that was really sad). The uncle who lit firecrackers under the breakfast table was a little off-putting, as was the step-grandpa who called me over to look inside the bag he was holding, and then popped it in my face (I never liked that guy anyway). But sometimes you have to take the sour with the sweet.

It’s a good thing when we can heal and embrace our pasts, or at least make peace with them. I’m about finished with the sexy urban fantasy Book II in The Wicked Series, tentatively entield A Wicked Beginning. The main characters experienced some major growth and healing along their exciting and perilous journeys. I think its while I was writing about the sexy hero’s embrace of himself last night that I began to accept and allow that all the pieces and parts of me deserve a place on the shelf, so to speak. So maybe Blake Shelton has a point – we all might have at least one Hillbilly Bone. (Okay, so some of us may have bigger bones than others….or at least more of them).

Why not take a look inside at your bones, metaphorically speaking? The ones that are missing or renounced may be useful. You might find that when you heal and embrace your past, or allow for the strength it took you to get this far, you might walk a bit taller… feel a bit better about yourself. And, in so doing you, too might find that you are considering going on vacation with Blake Shelton and a few thousand of his fans. Oops! Did I say that? Has my Hillbilly Bone healing really allowed that I would welcome being trapped at sea with strangers of the country western ilk? More on this later….