Most guys think they are pretty good in bed and the characters from the Wicked Series are no exception. When they entered the paranormal, however, they discovered techniques and sensitiveness inside of them that they found both amazing and bewildering to comprehend.  Let me tell you a bit of what they discovered.

Cameron Delaney Tyson, one of the main characters in the Wicked Series, is an Earth guy. A blond, 6’1” muscular man, he lives for climbing rock walls or shooting down the rapids in his kayak. If it has to do with Earth and adventure, sign him up. Earth guys don’t do paranormal, though. He’ll be the first to tell you. He freaked when his girlfriend started to glow like a frigging Christmas tree, all lit to Sunday. He learned to deal, however – he had to. He loved her too much to let her go. But when a cat-like creature from another galaxy known as a star dreamling started stalking him in A Wicked Beginning? That put him over the top.

But now he finds that he kind of likes the effect the star dreamling has on him. For one thing, he can keep up with his Galaxy Dancing lover, finally. He’ll tell you – it really unmanned him when she had more sexual drive than he did. He did not like that, not one little bit. But now, he’s more feral…wilder…when he gets really excited and smells his lover’s arousal, these long, cat-like fangs erupt from his gums. When he bites his lover on the neck and smells her blood, he goes bat-shit crazy with love and lust. And when he enters her? Holy hell, it’s like riding down a Class 6 rapids.

Paranormal Lovers from the Wicked SeriesHis girl cooks with energy. She’s like a mega-watt electricity station when she gets turned on. She becomes this streaming, God almighty torrent of electrical impulses that spark and crackle all around him, enveloping his shaft with light and heat like you wouldn’t believe. And when they come, it’s mind blowing. It’s even better than a drop off a waterfall ledge in his tiny kayak. Yeah…when they come he explodes, detonating into fragments and slipping into the ethers until he can find his way back to consciousness again. Frigging unbelievable…

Having begun to master his own abilities, Cam was all too happy to assist his longtime friend Kai Williams come to grips with his abilities in Wicked Whispering. Kai is this 6’5” green eyed scuba diver with a wild mess of brown, red and blond hair. He’s as sensitive as they come but doesn’t show it. He fronts as an aloof, standoffish guy, refusing to give his heart to anyone. Sex for him is just do your thing, take your pleasure, give some in return and get the hell out of there.

When he starts to open up his heart and accept his abilities, however, Holy Batman…he discovers that he can move and surge with the rhythm of the sea. His pleasure and the pleasure he can give increases with each new encounter. His bronze skin ripples in a perma-glow of twirling, sparkling lights. And whether he’s tripping in the cosmos or grooving on Earth, he enjoys sexual exchanges in committed love with unparalleled enthusiasm. If he’d known sex and intimacy could be this good, this unbelievable, he would’ve embraced his abilities long ago.

As for Kayden, the cosmos hopping Man of Mystery with black hair that falls over his shoulders like a cascade of nightfall? You know, the 6’4” stallion of a guy who wears “peel and press” skin tight attire that hugs his perfectly ripped body? I wouldn’t dream of sharing his story. He’s far too arrogant to let me in on his secrets. You’ll have to read the books to find out.

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