Date: Jan 2 – 31, 2013

Orangeberry Big Bang

Win a Kindle Fire HD, a copy of A Wicked Awakening, read a book feature, an interview and more, more, more!

★★★★★This is one of the most unexpectedly awesome books I’ve read in a looong time. It really was unlike anything I’d read, and in a good way!! It had so many interesting plot twists and was HOT and SEXY!!! A must read for fans of erotic and paranormal. Anabella Johnson; Indie Book Reviewers
The world is full of secrets and lies. Where is the joyful celebratory sexual openness Cherie has dreamed about? Where’s the passionate fulfillment? Her parents don’t have it. Her friends are struggling, too. Is it anywhere to be found? Does anyone hold the key? And what’s this business about her holding secrets to the universe? Her heartbeat helps synchronize the cosmos? Come ON!
In A Wicked Awakening, the first in the Wicked Series, Cherie Manhattan embarks upon an erotic journey to sift through the ashes of her tragic upbringing. What she uncovers is her potent sexuality and benevolent heart is the conduit for cosmic energy. She unlocks the secrets of her past to reveal the sexual elixir trapped within her cells, longing to be set free.
Her enemies, caught up in their own tragic pasts, will do anything to keep her from awakening the limitless well of pleasure inside her body. At war with themselves, not able to allow pleasure and passion in their own lives, they will stop at nothing to keep her from awakening the ka’kriyayaga, the heartbeat of cosmic surrender. Cherie is determined to set these blissful energies free. Through A Wicked Awakening, she becomes a cosmic force to be reckoned with and inspires and awakens all around her.


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