A Wicked Awakening

“A Wicked Awakening is a must read…

for anyone with voyeuristic propensity to observe various forms of love – primal, energetic and cosmic – at work and play. This multidimensional read awakens memories of soul connections that we crave and rarely find in our earthly realms, it quenches our inner-beast’s desire for loin-quivering, heart-quickening narrative, and most of all, inspires the desire for our own energetic healing to heighten our self-love and increase our power take charge of our lives.”

Meloney Hudson, author ofSexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman, producer of television shows and commercials.


“That’s it,” he purred in a sex-soaked whisper. “Let the fires bloom.”

His breath touched the back of my neck just like in the Re-Fly club a couple weeks ago. Each warm touch of air sent shivers down my backbone.

“Now don’t…move…”

With one hand still holding my hair, he placed his other hand at the base of my neck. One fingertip extended and made leisurely, sensuous strokes up and down. Shivers of pleasure rolled up and over the top of my head, pulsing in the center of my forehead, between my eyebrows, and then rolled down to between my legs. Then he pushed his finger down below my collar, inside my shirt. This caused shudders in my heart. I moaned with desire at the sensation. 

“You’re good at this…you’re a natural. Do you want to know why that is?” he uttered.

“Yes,” I breathed, eyes closed.

“Well, I am not going to tell you…yet,” he rumbled in a low deep voice, releasing me.

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