To know yourself is to love yourself…or at least it can be.

I am a strong proponent of self-awareness and inner healing. My sweetie-pie once told me that I am “one of the most self-aware people he knows.” One of the best things you can do for yourself is to love and accept all of you. Every last delicious drop.

I’m the kind of woman who, if you tell me that I’m a so and so or a such and such, will look into my inner world and either agree or disagree with a “Nope, you got that wrong,” or “Yeah, that’s me,” or “Thank you!!”. I know who I am and who I am not. I have seen how my health within reflects and allows for health without – healthy friendships, a fantastic and healthy love life, work that I love and a life of adventure and fun.

One of my big challenges recently as a writer of sexy, soulful books, has been integrating the sexy woman and writer me, with the work-a-day woman me, with the playful me, with the…you get the picture, I’m sure. And, as much work as I’ve done to heal and embrace my sexy self, there were still a few demons lurking about when I started writing. After a bit of soul searching, a LOT of conversations with friends and an abundance of determination, I’m thrilled to report a whole lot of healing has taken place. One of my dear friends, Meloney Hudson, author of Sexy, Spirited and Strong  summed it up nicely for me today:

“I’m glad you came to terms with your identity as a sexy writer.  If you were writing your average romance novel, I still think that is an amazing outlet of soul’s expression. But your work is soooooo much deeper!  You seem to channel your stories and scenes, and they are not just juicy, and excellent writing, but they also expose the reader to technique and possibilty of what relationship, or just energetic connection, can be. These are wonderful lessons of true, energetic love and honoring , and I am in awe of you!!! Keep it up, girlfriend!! “

Aw, shucks, thanks Meloney! It is my hope as a writer and advocate for growth and transformation that you might find a whole lot of sexy fun and a glimpse at possibilities when you read my books.

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