Warning: Excerpts may contain adult language and explicit content.

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Today’s Boomer Lit Friday excerpt is from the Beckoning of Beautiful Things, scheduled for release in April 2013. 

She pivoted to face him, . “If I’m going to be a food source for you, I expect respect.” Her fingernails traced delicate patterns along his chest.

“Of course. A beautiful woman such as yourself should always be respected.” He gazed down at her curiously, seeming unsure with where she was headed.

Marissa was giddy with her newfound sense of power and strength. She twirled in a circle, the light emanating from her body refracting against the mirror and walls. “These jewels are beautiful. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“And these jewels…” Her fingertips danced across his testicles, causing them to pulse and his cock to stiffen into readiness. “These jewels are pretty fine themselves.”

His tongue found its way to the corner of his seductive mouth and he hissed. “Thank you. What would you like to do with them? They’re available for play.”

“Are they?”

“Yes. Everything here is yours for the taking.”

From the Beckoning of Beautiful Things, scheduled for release April 2013. Check out my other books at calindab.com

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