Words can amuse me so…

I’ve got an iPod with a gazillion songs on it. Lots of my favorite music is a click away. Some of it I’ve never heard, nor heard of the people who sing it, thanks to a friend of mine zipping up his vast collection of music and sending it to me. Once I’d weeded out all the metal rocker stuff, I ended up with lots of gems, so I can thank him for the mystery music. Thanks, Bruce!

Apparently, Bruce gave me some music by  Shakira . The other day one of those songs started playing. It’s called Something. The chorus is hypnotic, heart-tender and beautiful:

You’ve got something I can’t resist
Things are what they will be
When I look into your eyes
They say to me that God still exists

The chorus made me cry. As I was writing the final chapters of Book II in the Wicked Series, I let the feelings evoked in that chorus invoke the mood of the last few scenes. Then I started to listen carefully to the rest of the lyrics. Words started popping out at me. Take this segment:

And even if we never marryShakira's Something

 I will always love you, baby

Honestly? You will love the guy childishly? Does that mean lots of tantrums are to be expected? Sulks and shouting? Giggles and grins and calling him daddy…and meaning it? Uh oh. Run for the hills, dude, whoever you are.

How about this gem:

I love the temperature and smell of your body
The shape of your lips and the size of your nose

Yeah, I love the temperature of my guy’s body – it’s warm which means he’s alive. When his body temp heads for sub-zero I’m going to be so sad. And his smell is a total turn on. But, your nose? You love the size of his nose? Does the word ‘nose’ have hidden meaning for you, Shakira? I’ve had many a talk with my women friends before and we’ve never mentioned the size of a guy’s nose once…not ever. There are other body parts that hold far more interest when discussing size. And I can say with joy that the size of my guy’s, uh…nose…is perfect. I’ll have to try that word out in a sex scene.

My final favorite is this:

You see the way I am
Without make-up, without clothes
And you accept me like nobody
And I will always love you, baby
With eyes closed

With eyes closed….now why in the heck would you want to love someone with eyes closed? You can’t stand the way he looks? You can get totatlly turned on having sex with him while you fantasize about someone else? Okay, maybe she means that she closes her eyes to his flaws and imperfections. We all love to be adored for who we are…completely accepted, flaws and all. Well, now, that sounds okay….but then I’ve been in a couple relationships approved of by the God of Denial, otherwise known as See the Potential, not the abuse and control all around you. That kind of relationship requires eyes squeezed shut tightly. No thanks. I prefer to keep my eyes open. I want to see the Path, as is, not the Potential. People can take a long time to live up to their potential. Some of them never even try.

When I sit down to write every day, I often ponder and, at times, struggle with words. Like, there’s only so many ways to describe the act of sexual communion and not slip into the realm of porn (not that there’s anything wrong with porn; that’s not my genre). I have to get creative when talking about the woman and her lucious parts or the man and his, ahem, “member“. It’s a challenging task. But still…words can convey so much emotion. Why do we like music so much? It’s not for the background tune, even though that’s important. We like the words…we like to hear what the singer has to say.

If you’re a Shakira fan, I hope you don’t take offense. She’s got a lovely voice. And, like I said, this song is really beautiful…until you listen closely to the words and wonder what the hell she meant.