Just today…today will be our starting point…just for today, let’s celebrate YOU! No, this isn’t a Hallmark card, sappy celebration. You know you’ve got rough edges and smooth ones…great qualities and less enlightened ones..but let’s face it, you are a remarkable human being. You got up today and maybe you weren’t in the best of moods. Or maybe, you waltzed right in and kissed your child’s sleeping face to awaken him or her. Or perhaps, you took the dog for an extra long walk today, just because. Or maybe, just maybe, you rolled over into the arms of your Beloved, kissed him or her tenderly, and let the moment unfold however it unfolded.

And yesterday…maybe you did something really nice for a co-worker…or, at least you thought about it. Maybe you got a phone call from someone saying thank you for something that you did for them that you actually forgot about. I’ll bet you do nice things for people all the time.

Maybe you are facing personal loss or illness. Perhaps you sit with a loved one, day after day, knowing the end is immanent, not really willing to face it or deal with it…but still, you show up and keep vigil. That takes strength that you didn’t know you had. Maybe your health isn’t the best. But still you manage to smile and reach out to others and allow others into your life and heart.

Maybe your bank account isn’t as flush as you’d like it to be and each day you get by with anxiety in your heart. At night you tuck yourself into bed, relieved to have made it through another tough day. To just get through the day without kicking the dog or snapping the head off of your kid in frustration –  that took courage…honestly.

Maybe you honor and respect your own needs to the extent that you are willing to put up personal boundaries and say no to abuse or thoughtlessness from those around you. Perhaps you’ve finally had enough of being batted around and belittled and you are going to do something about it, one step at a time, and put an end to an unthinkable situation.

I’ll just bet you are prettier or more handsome than you think you are. We often tend to belittle ourselves and yet if we really, really looked at our visage with loving eyes, we’d see the stuff that others see and find so beautiful.

Maybe you did something mean last week…something you wished you hadn’t done. Today, you gather up your courage, take responsibility for your actions, say your peace to that person without blame, groveling or rancor, and even if the person is surprised and does not know how to respond, you know you did the right thing and can forgive yourself.

Perhaps you are a cocky, arrogant son of a gun and, today, at least, you let down your bravado and did something completely out of character. Something that made someone’s heart melt in unexpected ways.

Whatever your life circumstance, today, just today…remember today is just a starting point…raise your hands up, dance around the room, grab someone and give them a big, old smooch and celebrate YOU for being such a wonderful human being. You truly are. I know it.

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