Who among us hasn’t struggled with addiction? Okay, there are people who haven’t; my sweetie-pie hasn’t had an addictive day in his life. (I think he’s addicted to technology, scuba diving and me, in reverse order – shh! Don’t tell him that I said that.)  I made up for his lack of addictive propensities by exploring my own, freely and witout reservation. That’s a story for another time.

I find it interesting to explore addiction through writing. How a person wrestles with it…how he or she justifies it or denies it. In book 2, currently underway, I explore the addictive process even more. It’s an interesting process.

At times, having been out of that addictive loop with substance for quite some time, I leaned on my kids for knowledge. In one scene I had a character comsuming an array of beverages I found through a Google search. One of my kids (he’s worked as a bartender) said, “No way, mom. That would kill him! You have to be able to metabolize what you drink.” (I sure never thought of it that way when I explored the world of alcohol.)Then he asked me what kind of man this character was. Was he a manly man? A nerd? A geek? An intellectual? That would affect his beverage choices. I said he was manly. “Okay, then, start him off with Jack Daniels with a beer back….” Okay, Jack with a beer back it is….my other kid said, “no way – give him Dewars.” I stuck with the Jack. It’s good to have people who can provide current trends on drinking behavior.  I believe in research.

This same character had a bit of self hatred in him.

Addiction and Characters

My other kid helped with that – “No, mom, he’d feel that AFTER he did that other thing,” I was told (paraphrasing my kid so as not to give anything away!). It’s good to have guy research when you’re writing about guys.

Anyway, you’re going to have to read the book if you want to find out what one of the characters does in regards to addiction. You can buy it here. And, for further reading about the addictive process, wait until book 2 comes out*!!! There’s lots of hot scenes, run-ins with the paranormal; I can’t wait to finish it!

*Update: Book, II, A Wicked Beginning, is currently available.