Celebrate the freedom to read whatever you desire.

From birth to death to everything in between, explore, get lost, escape into worlds beyond worlds through reading!

As a book lover, don’t take for granted your freedom to read. In this era of technology, books are at our fingertips and reading is something we make time for. eBook, audiobooks and good old-fashioned paperbacks give readers of all types the opportunity to enjoy reading.

Which type of books do you enjoy? Is it the fingernail-biting suspense? The thrill of an erotic romance? Or the fantasy of paranormal romance? Do you like your books to take you out of this world? Or is all about the possibilities in a contemporary romance?

Looks like Trouble to MeFrom Looks like Trouble to Me (currently on sale at Amazon), a contemporary romance by Calinda B:

“Well, here goes,” Zoé said. On the way out, she stopped in the ladies room to freshen up, combing her hair and applying lip gloss. When she passed the bar she said, “Give me an amber ale, please. And another stout for my new friend.”

“One amber ale, coming up,” Devon said, smiling brightly. “He’s been sitting there the whole time. He must like you.”

“Either that or he’s a predator.”

“Nah. I think he likes you. Have fun,” he said, handing her the beer.

She took a welcome sip to calm her nerves before sauntering to his table.

Jace stood, grabbed his jacket off the chair and waited for her to sit.

“Sorry you had to wait so long,” she said with a shrug. She set the stout in front of him.

“Didn’t mind a bit,” he said. “I enjoyed watching you work. You’re efficient, fast, and friendly.” He held up his dark brew to her.

She lifted hers, clinked his, and sipped her ale.

“And sexy as hell,” he said, gazing over the top of his glass at her, his eyes dark.

She felt another flush creep up her neck and cheeks. “What are we toasting?”

“First encounters. The thrill of discovery. I love to explore new things.”

Another rush of pleasure flooded her insides. “I’ll drink to that.” She took another swallow. “You seem to have an effect on me,” she said courageously. Stop it. You’ll get yourself in trouble.

“Is it a good effect?” he asked.

“Maybe,” she stated simply, fiddling with her fingernails, all good sense suddenly hijacked from her head.

“Are you wet for me?”

“What?” She practically spit out her beer. Wild jungle drums and dancing heathens now accompanied the ache between her legs. “You’re bold,” she replied, feeling ripped apart.

“Are you?” His green-eyed gaze pushed into her. “Wet, that is?”

“Guess that’s on a need to know basis,” she said, feigning a coolness she did not feel.

“I need to know. Because I’ve been sitting here with a hard-on for you for two hours.”

Her entire body surged with heat. “Jesus, who gave you the keys to the bulldozer?”

He chuckled and licked his lips. “Maybe it was you.”

“I don’t think so.” She pressed the cool glass against her cheeks. “It’s hot in here.”

He drained his glass, setting it on the table with satisfaction. “Finish up and let’s head outside where it’s cooler.”

“I don’t think that’s going to help,” she whispered. The flush in her cheeks grew feverishly hot.

He chuckled, his green eyes darkening. “I like it when you blush,” he said. “It’s lovely.”

“I’ve been doing it enough tonight,” she said, shaking her head slightly. Total player.

“I like it that I have that effect on you.” He stroked his fingers back and forth on the polished wood.

She wanted to feel his fingers stroking her skin. Oh, you’re good. I’ll bet you have this down to a science.

“What were you saying earlier to me? Something about you got my…?”

“The flowers you sent.”

“I didn’t send any flowers,” he said, his face crumpled in consternation.

“You didn’t?” Shit, shit, shit, she thought, wanting to die on the spot. Sudden embarrassment swamped her good mood. For two days she’d thought, hoped, prayed, and resisted her longing at getting to see him again. “I see,” she said, wanting to flee.

“Don’t…” He extended his arm across the table and placed his hand on hers.

Electric sparks dashed up her arm.She tried to jerk her hand away but he captured it.

“I’ve been so busy, Zoé, I’ve been unable to think straight. Sorry. I would have liked to send you flowers but I honestly didn’t think you’d be receptive to me in the first place after the other night. I came here on an impulsive lark.”

Zoé slowly withdrew her hand. Stop this before it goes anywhere. The guy’s a player.  “I wonder who sent them.”

He pressed her fingertips into the wood before they got away. “Where are you going?”

She looked up, meeting his eyes, his emerald green gaze slamming into her. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Right. You’re not.” His fingers traced a lazy trail along her hand, sensuously walking on top of her wrist.

Instantaneous arousal shattered the apex between her legs. He may as well have been moving those damn fingers up her inner thighs.

From Looks like Trouble to Me (currently on sale at Amazon), a contemporary romance by Calinda B.

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  1. I enjoy reading all books, I bounce around from genre to genre, but I enjoy all books. If it has a great story line and holds my attention and gets me to forget the day to day drama, I am happy.
    Have a great 4th!
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