After a stressful week of wearing far too many hats for my own good, I decided to celebrate today with a little man candy. Let’s face it…a photo of a hunk of a guy, who is easy on the eyes, is a treat to behold. You can imagine him to be your perfect guy. Maybe he tells you he loves you every single day. Maybe he telephones you just to hear the sound of your voice. Maybe he is the kind of guy who, when he is making love with you, adores and appreciates every square inch of you in a lazy, languid manner that makes you hum and moan with bliss. You can have this guy be anything and everything to you because, hey, it’s your little fantasy.

If you prefer something different, take a look at this guy on my Official Facebook Fan page. I like the way his pants are falling and just a little nudge will help them fall all the way. I’m a really tactile person so would love the process of the hands on the skin pushing the fabric and then standing back to gaze. Mmmmm.

Have fun today. Do something crazy, wild or out of character. Give yourself a break. You deserve it.


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