Let me be your friend.

I had a friend once who had married young. She was a breath takingly beautiful young woman who was settling for an ordinary life. Now there’s nothing wrong with an ordinary life, but I knew she was meant for other things.

She came to my house once to visit. While we were conversing, she mentioned that her husband liked to “doink” her.

Love and sex“Doink? I said, aghast. “Don’t you think you can do better than a doink?”

Doink sounds like something you do when you are putzing around the yard on the weekends (something I never do). Like, “What are ya doing, Joe?” “Oh, just doinking around the yard.” It doesn’t sound like something you’d actually enjoy in bed, nor does it sound like your partner is treating you like the sacred treasure that you are, through the act of doinking.

I took it upon myself to be her friend. I showed her around the sights and scenes of the underbelly of Seattle. We explored, got ideas, acted on our ideas and had a general rousing time of things. When she returned to her home state she realized she was not heterosexual, got divorced, and went on to pursue her fulfillment. I doubt if she ever doinked again. (All of you who enjoy doinking carry on, my friends).

I keep this story, and other stories like it, tucked in my head when I write my stories. My sweetie-pie, a soulfully senstive guy, and I sometimes go around about how I include a bit of the raunchy in my writing. He thinks I will lose mass appeal. I think differently. I know a lot of people are “effed” up about their own sexuality. Some are broken from childhood torment; some are confused; some use it as a weapon; some want something more but don’t know how to get it; some use it as a manipulative device – there are endless agendas attached to something that can be as nourishing as food can be. If I can paint a different sort of picture of a different kind of loving – one with a lot of heart, soul, energetics, innocence and honesty in it – and do that while entertaining you with a whole lot of imagery of different kinds of sexual connecting that you might enjoy, then where’s the harm?

I had to do a lot of hard work and soul searching, along with mega in-depth exploration to discover the joy of sex. I threw open the temple doors of my body to looters and hoodlums until I learned how to only let those willing to enter the temple with reverence enter the gate. I had to learn that I am truly sacred before I could insist that I be treated that way. I like to share what I have learned, seen and experienced.

So. Let’s have some fun, shall we? Let’s take a little journey together and explore the possibilities. Let me be your friend. I promise it won’t hurt…..much. (I’m kidding!!)