Yes, the holidaze are upon us and the holiday spirit JUST kicked for us here at home. Today, Dec. 17, we went out and “killed a tree” as my pal Ron said, came home, strung lights on it, realized several of the bulbs on several of the strands were burnt out, pitched the strands of lights that would take days to figure out which of the 25 out of 50 bulbs needed replacing and now feel content with a barely lit tree. Yes. the holidaze are fun and festive.

I also posted a fun new video on YouTube so you will be inspired to buy Book I in the Wicked Series, A Wicked Awakening. Let me put in a shameless plug for the book. It’s an excellent read and will leave you wanting more. Yes, Book II is available. And, Book III is in the works. Your addiction will be rewarded, my pretties, all in good time. Please enjoy the video. It was one of those “quick and easy” projects that took 3 days of filming and editing to get it to a satisfactory place.  Also, while you are inspired to buy Indie Author books, please visit the Indie Book Blowout and the Indie Book Buffet. Both have tons of eBooks by lots of different authors in all genres at the ridiculously low price of only .99. You’re certain to find something that you like, and JUST in time for the holiday celebration that’s nearly upon us.

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