It’s almost Valentine’s Day and everyone has turned their attention towards the pursuit or enjoyment of  amour. In honor of lovers everywhere, I would like to share an excerpt from Book II, A Wicked Beginning, with you:

I sighed and plopped on the ground with no grace whatsoever. “Hello, there, beautiful man-like creature. I’m sorry…I just feel like a liar around Cam now.”

“Chère…” Kayden began. He fingered a lock of hair out of my face.

“And you could have picked me up.” I glared at him. “I had to take the bus.”

“I was not asked to do so,” he replied evenly. “Do you think I read your mind?”

I spluttered. “You view me when I have sex with Cam, you pluck thoughts out of my brain when it suits you…yes, and I believe you read my mind when it’s convenient for you to do so.”

Kayden shrugged. “Temper, temper…I was actually otherwise engaged. Natalie wanted to discuss something with me.”

I blew my breath out of my mouth. “What does she want?”

Kayden arched his eyebrows. “She…as you put it…is quite concerned about the star dreamling stalking your boyfriend.”

“What do you know about it?” I asked eagerly.

“I know a lot about it as do you…only I remember where I came from…you don’t.” He gave me a haughty glare.

“I’m trying, Kayden. I’m getting closer.” I gave him a wan smile.

Cherie and KaydenHis face softened, and he leaned closer as if to kiss me. When his lips had nearly reached their mark, he paused, as I knew he would. “Yes, mon amour,” he whispered. “You and I are getting closer all the time.”

It felt like liquid amber was pouring into my mouth from his nearness. My lips and cheeks started to tingle. I closed my eyes. “Oh, God, what you do to me, Kayden.” Then I opened my eyes abruptly and leaned away from his intoxicating flesh. Only, it felt like our lips were held together by some invisible glue that stretched like scrumptious taffy when I moved away, causing the tingling to radiate throughout my face. I closed my eyes and snapped my face to the right causing the connection to break.

“Ouch…” Kayden uttered. “Be gentle when you break contact, ma chère. I’m afraid this calls for a do-over.” Once again, he inclined his face towards my lips, holding my face between his hands. The sensation pulsing from his palms was like being held by lightning. I could almost hear the crackle and zing. His mouth was within a millimeter of contact…so close, yet still not touching.

I became very tranquil, captivated by the sensations of his exquisite touch and the nearness of him. “You seem to have grown more powerful,” I breathed, eyes closed, intoxicated.

“As have you, chère…we complement one another. Feel this…”

Feel I did. Energy started streaming through my face like a wind, lighting up a pathway of electric bliss as it pulsed through my body.

“Now, gently disengage from me, chère…should you want to do that.”

“I don’t want to any longer,” I whispered.

He chuckled softly, causing warm breath to caress my skin. “Nor should you ever want to, sexy girl. But for the purposes of our lesson, s’il vous plaît…please…”

This time I gently pulled away. I imagined the thread of our connection growing thinner as I eased away. Finally the tendrils just let go, falling away, causing a small, pleasurable quiver in each of our lips.

Kayden gave me a satisfied, erotic smile and licked his lips. “Much better, ma chère… Much better…”

He raked his fingertips along my neck, causing electric sparks to spread along my skin. A tiny earthquake shook through me. “Kayden…” I said. My head arched backwards. “I need to concentrate here.” His index fingers traced spirals down my arms. Hypnotized, I watched the miniscule whorls rise up in a golden glow and poof into thin air. I wanted to fall into the sea of bliss with Kayden…I really did…but there were more important things to think about. Only I had suddenly forgotten what they were. Kayden’s fingers were now moving across my breasts and down to my belly. He gently drummed his fingers on my tummy and solar plexus, and then swept his fingers up towards my heart. An erotic sensation spread from my pelvis into my chest and pulsed with every heartbeat throughout my body. “Oh, God, Kayden…” I moaned.

“I recall you wanting to know more about the star dreamling tracking the Neanderthal,” he breathed.

“Right…something like that…” I was gone. Utterly and thoroughly gone… I knew I was radiating with light, and the ka’kriyayaga was dancing and frolicking throughout my system.

I heard a soft masculine laugh from far away…must be Kayden. A distant voice asked, “Tell me what you see, chère.”

In my mind’s eye, I was immersed in color and light and dancing in ecstasy. “I’m dancing in a Star Cluster in the Milky Way. I see thousands of sparkling new baby stars, tucked into a giant nebula.” I heard Kayden sigh. It sounded like an immense wind blowing across the universe. “My foot is alighting on each star as I make my way across the galaxy. Some of the stars explode when my foot collides with them. They burst into fragments of dust and hot gasses, forming an exquisite light show that expands through time and space.” I heard a faraway affirmation…a sound like yes…that blew across the stars like the wind on the savannah, causing them to sparkle, twinkle, and twirl. My form was one gigantic, pulsating electrical wave, shimmering its way through the stars. I was undulating, twisting, and turning, dancing to a cosmic heartbeat that thrust the worlds into existence. My entire being expanded and contracted in continuous orgasm as I continued my dance. Words were beyond me. Cohesive thought was out of the question. I was a mass of sensation, form, and light.

I may have remained in this manner for days…maybe hours…maybe seconds. Who knew? Ultimately I became aware of hovering over a beautiful crystalline lake, entwined with Kayden. This lake, our beautiful lake, created for our pleasurable union, was nestled among sparkling, snow-covered peaks looming like giant protectors. The quiet in this place was unlike any other. It spread like a velvety blanket of serenity and calm across the mirror-like surface of the lake, on into the forest, alpine meadows, and lofty crags.

With my legs wrapped around Kayden’s hips and his arms encircling me, there was no distinguishing one from the other, intertwined as we were. We completed one another. One of us breathed in; one of us breathed out. One of us moved; the other responded in synchrony. A harmonious rhythm enfolded us. There was one, immense shared heart between us. “Oh!” I cried in sudden comprehension.

Kayden’s arms were wrapped tightly around me. He released me and gazed at me with his narcotic golden eyes. “Have you figured out the mystery, ma chère?”

“I think so…yes.” And as quickly as I’d found myself dancing across the galaxy then hovering above the lake, I now found myself sitting on a terrace in the mountains, overlooking the distant lake. The air was crisp and clean. The landscape throbbed with sound – tinkling chimes of a running stream, soft utterances of butterflies and birds, little crackling noises of rocks and smooth stones. It was an exquisite symphony of music. I looked behind me and viewed an immense shimmering form, like a building or something.

“You are not ready to see that, chère,” Kayden said, regarding me with fondness. “Here. Let us eat.”

I noticed an array of pungent cheeses: blue-veined Bleu d’Auvergne, buttery, creamy Brillat-Savarin, aromatic and nutty Morbier. Succulent raspberries, juicy pears, glistening strawberries, and wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, and Languedoc surrounded the tray of cheese. But of course – this was one of Kayden’s and my favorite repasts. I looked over at Kayden and smiled. It all came from far below in the country known as France…of course! How perfect that we would build our fantasy domain in the Land of Romance… “My love…” I began, nibbling the tangy blue cheese. “You are my love. You are the breath filling my lungs, the blood filling my veins, the heart pushing the fluids through my being.” My body flooded with pleasure at the recollection. I picked up a strawberry and held it out for Kayden. He sucked it into his mouth, capturing my fingers in the process.

“As you are mine…you have remembered.” Kayden looked over at me with tender puppy dog eyes, brimming with tears. He reached out to clasp my hands.

I glanced down at our fingers. My ring was pulsing softly. I noticed a similar ring pulsing on his middle finger, same as the placement of my ring. “When did you get that?” I asked in wonder. I picked up his strong hand to examine the ring. It was a more masculine version that matched mine perfectly, with frolicking dolphins cavorting in a never ending circular sea of gold.

“It appeared on my hand upon your remembering, mon amour. It has been gone a long time. I was beginning to think it would never be returned to me.”

“Where was it?” I asked, perplexed.

“Out there…somewhere…” he gestured towards the heavens. “It signifies our connection. Unless both of us remembers who we are it cannot be on my finger.”

“I haven’t exactly remembered…my beloved…” I said absentmindedly, still captivated by our matching circlets. I noticed little snaky tendrils of light flowing from my ring to Kayden’s. The rings actually looked happy, if an inanimate object could be happy. “I have only captured glimpses of possibility.”

“They are enough to warrant the return of the ring, mon amour.”

I laced my fingers into Kayden’s then brought them close and kissed each one. “So if you are my heart, and I am yours. then…..

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