Author Calinda B Releases A Wicked Awakening, First in the Paranormal Romance Wicked Series, 1/19/2012 – Kingston, WA – Graphic artist and author Calinda B announces the release of A Wicked Awakening (ISBN 9780983912606), the first paranormal romance novel in The Wicked Series featuring heroine, Chérie (Cheerio) Manhattan. A spirited and entertaining author, Calinda B combines the themes of romantic physicality with paranormal adventure and creates an admirable heroine in Chérie, who must find her inner strength to combat demons from her past and her future.

A Wicked Awakening by Calinda BSet in Seattle, Washington, A Wicked Awakening tells the story of Chérie, a twenty-nine-year-old community center aerobics instructor, who leads an active life with her live-in boyfriend, Cam Tyson. Chérie is beloved by her students, but taken advantage of by her boss and co-workers. She meets a mysterious, man during a night out dancing with her best friend and, following that encounter, begins seeing visions of ghostly figures from another world. After a terrifying incident at work, Chérie relives several painful, long-buried childhood memories. Rocked to the core, Chérie begins to have regular encounters with the mystery man, Kayden, who returns from the future, claiming to be there to help save her from evil. Struggling to find herself and her power, Chérie discovers much more about her past, present, and future than she ever dreamed possible. She learns that her incredible strength, along with her passion, voice, and innocence, can only be reclaimed with Kayden’s help…and through a wicked awakening.

“I began writing The Wicked Series novels as an act of inspiration and was surprised to discover that they allowed me a way of integrating the physical and artistic aspects of myself with the other elements of my life,” said Calinda. “Along the way, I’ve done much work to heal and embrace my sensual self, including exorcising the few demons still lurking about. After completing two books in The Wicked Series, I’m thrilled to report that a great deal of healing has taken place. It is my hope as a writer and advocate for growth and transformation that readers might experience similar possibilities, along with a whole lot of fun, when they read my books.”

An award-winning web designer and certified SEO specialist, Calinda B has worked in the Internet industry as a web page designer/developer since the early 1990’s. She has also taught web site design and computer graphics at community colleges in Northern California. In addition to writing, Calinda B creates fine art and music, and enjoys scuba diving, kayaking, and bike riding. Calinda B makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with the love of her life and her two cats. She is currently working on the third book in The Wicked Series, A Wicked Whispering.

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