I decided to start our interview series by interviewing Kayden, the Man of Mystery in The Wicked Series. Kayden, a 6’4″ handsome, dark-haired,  arrogant, petulant, yet compassionate man, is a bit tricky to interview. His answers tend to be enigmatic and brief. I guess that’s because he’s not of this world. Let’s begin:

Me: So first, can you tell me how old you are? Some of the readers want to know.

Kayden (shrugs): I can’t really say.

Me: Can’t or won’t?

Kayden: Both. Next question?

Me: What do you like to do for fun?

Kayden (Cold, hard stare): Is that really a question? Fun?

Me: Yes, it’s really a question. Do you ever have fun?

Kayden: You ask the strangest questions. Why do people want to know this?

Me: They just do! Now, will you answer the question, please?

Kayden (shrugs): I like to mess with Cameron Tyson. That’s my best answer.

Me: What kinds of things do you like to do with Cameron?

Kayden: I don’t do things WITH him. I do things TO him. He’s like a big toy to me.

Me: Care to elaborate?

Kayden: Not really, no.

Me: You’re a bit difficult to interview.

Kayden: You ask me the most inane questions. Is that my fault?

Me (sighing): Okay, what kinds of questions should I ask you?

Kayden ( thinks for a bit): Ask me what it feels like to dance in the Cat’s Eye Nebulla.

Me: Okay, Kayden, what does it feel like to dance in the Cat’s Eye Nebulla?

Kayden (closes eyes and allows a deep and beautiful smile to wash upon his face): Mmmmm. (opens eyes) It is one of the most breathtaking experiences. Imagine you are immersed in everything and nothing all at the same time. You and your lover are wrapped around each other and energy flows through you, in you and around you. You are completely, utterly, ecstatic. There is within you and without you the potential for anything to happen, anything to be possible. And so, in that moment, you make the best choice possible. You make the choice that is good for the All. And your heart fills with passion and caring and overflows, spilling over the edges to cascade into universes far and wide. Your being pulses with life and ecstasy. There is fantastic color all around. It is indescribable. Words do not do it justice. It is something to be experienced, not discussed. But still…I hope I have given you a taste. It is like…mmmmmm.

Me (after recovering from the wash of joyful energy that just washed over me): That’s really beautiful, Kayden.

Kayden (smiling like a cat): Thank you. It is one of my favorite places.

Me: What’s it like to be a galaxy dancer?

Kayden (petulant again): What’s it like to be you?

Me: Okay, okay, I got it. Wrong question.

Kayden: I think we’re done here.

Me: Wait! One more question. 

Kayden: What now?

Me: Who’s your favorite writer?

Kayden (smiling): That would be you, Calinda B. Otherwise, I could not exist in this realm. I’d be left to roam the galaxy with no one to tell my story. Thank you.

Me (beaming): Awwww, thank you Kayden.

Kayden (back to arrogant): You are welcome.

Me: What books are you featured in?

Kayden (giving me a cool glare): That’s a second question. But I’ll grant you the answer. I’m sure I’ll be featured in all of them. I’m too important not to be. Are we done now? Nevermind, I’ll answer that. We’re done.

And with that, he disappears. There you have it. The arrogant, the enigmatic, the compassionate man with long black hair like a cascade of nightfall. Read the Wicked Series and get find out more about Kayden!

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