A excerpt from Wicked Whispering, available here.

At that suggestion, his eyes pulsed, dark and delicious and ready to comply. Cam loved to please me in all ways with his mouth.

“I’ll put my arms around you. Then Kayden can encircle me with his arms and we can begin our energetic exchange. Meanwhile, Cam, you and I will draw from the physical.” I paused. “I don’t have all the pieces but at least we have a starting point. What do you think?” I glanced at Cam’s jeans and saw the answer, plain as day. “Ready?” I said brightly.

“Wait a minute, ma chère,” Kayden protested. “Something about this configuration isn’t quite right.” He thought for a moment. “I’ve got it!” He snapped his fingers. “Cameron, you start kissing her.”

Cam looked behind his shoulder again. “What will you do?”

“It’s going to be a surprise.”

“I don’t like surprises,” Cam declared. “Not when it comes to you and me.”

“Cameron, you’ve got to learn to trust me,” Kayden said, with a beatific expression on his face. “This sexy girl does…” He looked over at me.

“Except when I don’t,” I said, darkly.

“Now, now, come, come, we’re all trying to get along and play nicely. Indulge me.”

“Cam?” I looked, intently into his sea-blue eyes, bright with desire.

“I trust you, babe.”

“Well, that’s where we’ll start, then!” I brought my hands up to Cam’s warm cheeks….moved my mouth closer to his…felt the heat start to build in Cam’s pelvis, like a throbbing furnace. I licked my lips. My breath quickened, and my pelvis rippled with steaming firestorms of yearning. The ka’kriyayaga unfolded with a rapid snap, like the sail of a ship unfurling in a sudden storm, causing my back to arch and my mouth to let out a cry. “Oh, my!” I declared. “Oh, my goodness!”

This was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I slid my eyes over to Kayden whose face held a wicked knowing. He smiled at me and nodded. In my head, I heard him say, Keep going, ma chère. The fun has only begun. Licking my lips again, I looked up at Cam. Now his vivid blue eyes were nearly black, his pupils were so dilated. His nostrils were flaring in a bellows-like movement and he was taking quick sips of air, like a wild tiger. I pressed my hips against the bulge in his pants and he took a sharp inhalation of air through parted lips. I felt wild with excited anticipation.

As Cam’s and my lips connected, Kayden slipped into Cam’s form. The dreamling shot out of Cam’s chest and burst through me like it had been shoved out of place. In my mind’s eye, I could see Fergitaboutit behind me shaking his fur in gruff annoyance and then settling down to groom his paws. I was certain Cam had no clue what had just happened, though.

At the sudden replacement of one mysterious beast with another, Cam gave a long, deep, hungry moan and slipped his tongue into my mouth, caressing mine with luscious want. His arms crushed me to him. My energy soared as I experienced Cam’s mouthwatering, masculine physicality coupled with Kayden’s streaming galaxy-dancing energy, rippling and undulating inside and out.

All of a sudden, Cam released my lips, threw back his head and let out a loud, eardrum-ripping howl. I felt our combined energy shoot out the top of my head. I nearly lost consciousness with the sudden sensation.

“Cam, the neighbors…!” I shushed him. Even though the neighbors were a couple of miles and a few stands of trees away, here on Earth, I sometimes worried about what people would think. Then I felt a stab of concern. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know, babe. I feel so weird…so strange…there’s so much energy inside of me I don’t know how to contain it…what to do. I thought I’d better release some of it so…well…that’s apparently what the howl was for…to release…shit…I don’t know what I’m saying.”

I pressed my lips together and silently beseeched Kayden to dial it back a bit. Remember he’s a mortal, lover. He’ll need time to adjust to your energy.

Oui, ma chère. I shall comply.

I watched Cam relax. “There,” he said. “I think I have it under control.”

I gave a small chuckle.

“What?” he said.

“Oh, nothing. I’m sure you’re mastering your energy in a good way. And you always find a way to deal, lover-mine. Always…” I brought my attention back to his lips. In the back of my mind I wondered why he was not curious what happened to Kayden.

He does not have the memory that I was here, chère. When I entered him I took care of that.

What? Why not? You two were making progress.

Oh, he shall have vague recollections of that part…but this part…as you said, mon amour, he is but a mortal. We shall give him time to adjust.

Cam kissed me with bottomless craving. We moaned into one another’s mouths, our arms and hands embracing, touching and tugging at one another with dogged determination. I ripped his shirt from his body. He wrenched my pants down to my ankles. I fumbled with his belt, struggled with his zipper, then, filled with frustrated longing, grabbed his waistband and yanked. A loud ripping sound punctuated the air. Somehow, someway, we got back into the house and onto the cushy sofa. Most of our clothes were strewn in a trail, marking the way from the yard to the living room. Only our underwear remained.

My body sparkled with tiny lights twirling, bouncing and rolling off the surface of my skin. I was twinkling like a faerie. Then I scrutinized Cam. He was now glowing too! A strange pattern of refracted lights shot from him in brilliant rays. Was that the effect of having Kayden inside of him? I imagined it was. Whatever it was, the combined effect of the Cam-Kayden combo was completely unparalleled. I was entirely intoxicated with longing to become one with my two loves.

I heard Kayden in my head. Keep kissing, ma chère…I don’t think I can make a bridge if you try to engage otherwise. There’s too much intensity here.

Cam, however, had other plans. He hauled off his boxers and forced my legs apart. I could tell the combined force of him and Kayden was having a colossal effect on my Earth-guy. He didn’t know what hit him.

“Wait, Cam.” His erection was brilliant with refracted light, beckoning an invitation to enter me and light the way to Heaven. Holey moley. I sure wanted that Ray of Light to pierce the darkness of my cave of love.

“What for?” he replied, panting.

“Let’s slow it down a bit.”

“I can’t wait, babe. I am on fire for you.”

Chère, please, Kayden begged.

Kayden did not beg. I searched my mind for ways to distract Cam. “Um, you know how you like the visual of me and my panties?”

“Not happening, babe. I want to be inside of you now.”

Geez, this was going to be difficult. “I, uh, I need to feel your lips. Kiss me.”

“Nope.” Cam seized the lacey elastic edging of my panties between his teeth. He jerked, and the flimsy fabric split apart.

I thrust away from him. “No, Cam, wait.”

“No can do, babe. I’ve got a lightning bolt of love ready to plunge inside of you.”

“I can see that.” I licked my lips.

He rammed his body between my hips. I wriggled away; wanting nothing more than to be filled by the light and heat that was poised between my legs.

“Babe, what are you doing?”

I searched Cam’s eyes. Kayden’s face appeared before me, his eyes glowing hot. His face was contorted, straining with effort. Slow it down, chère, please.

The face morphed into Cam’s, his hair drenched with sweat, his lips grimacing, the muscles in his neck corded. “Please I have to be inside of you, babe. Now…please…”

Just a kiss, chère. Keep it to a kiss, please. I don’t know what will happen otherwise.

“Just kiss me,” I pleaded. “Please…” A whole lot of pleases were managing to emerge from this wanton fury. At least we were all polite. The face before me became Cam, then Kayden, then Cam again. Each face looked to be in agony. “It will be a great kiss, Cam, I promise.”

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