Welcome to Juicy! When we can, we’ll post juicy segments from my and other’s writing. Ready? You have to start somewhere…I’ll go first:

Book II in the Wicked Series: A Wicked Beginning.

Meet Cameron Delaney Tyson, a 6’1″ adrenaline junkie, adventure enthusiast with a rock-hard body, blond hair, rugged good looks and boyish charm. His whole world is about to change in ways he can’t comprehend, including having a mysterious beast from another galaxy track him relentlessly. Let’s let him have a moment of fun, shall we?:

Sighing over the lack of sex play in his life, he soaped off his chest, his face, his underarms, his legs, and then got busy taking care of his needs. He brought to mind the last time he and his pretty amber-eyed Chérie had been to the rock climbing gym together…using her slender 5’ 4” body, she’d pushed him to the floor, pinned him with her super strength, but then he’d flipped her and turned the scales in his favor…until he kissed her, that is. He’d grabbed her auburn hair and kissed her deeply, French kissed her sweet Cameron Delaney Tyson from A Wicked Beginningmouth, savoring her lips and responsive tongue in return. Only this act had awakened some super sexual power she called the ka’kriyayaga or some shit like that. When this force was awakened in her, she did an amazing thing with her hands, stroking his back, and nearly causing him to orgasm, right there on the floor of the gym in front of a crowd. He wondered what it would feel like to be inside of her when she was in that place. Sadly, he’d never had the chance to find out.

Lost in thoughts of Chérie, he turned his back to the shower spray and continued to pleasure himself. As his free hand roamed his muscled body, he imagined reveling in Chérie, sucking her nipples, massaging her small, firm breasts, nibbling her neck, and being inside of her, moving in and out and in and out. The thought of it got him hotter and harder. He kept up his fantasy until he exploded, creamy fluids painting the shower stall. After his release, he let his body relax back into the tiles, allowing the hot water to wash his torso and flush his juices down the drain.

From A Wicked Beginning, available on Amazon!

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