Oh, my! This excerpt even made ME blush:

From Diana Duncan’s fun, sexy contemporary romance, “Deal with the Devil.” Website with links to purchase: http://www.dianaduncan.com/

Then Rory’s thumbs gently separated her folds and he lowered his head. His tongue delved inside and curled around her clitoris…sizzling brilliant lightning to her core. A gasp burst from Cynthia, her hips rocking upward to seek more. He took his sweet time, arousing her with an unpredictable rhythm of hard, deep tongue thrusts, long, slow licks, and spiraling swirls. Pushing her inexorably to the edge of the precipice and holding her there, coiled and breathless. Then using deliberate, uneven strokes to suspend her in trembling, unrelieved passion.

It was maddening. Thrilling. And she loved every second of it.
His palms slid beneath her and gripped her bottom, his shoulders urging her thighs impossibly farther apart, his hands holding her in place for his marauding mouth.There was no escape from Rory Devlin’s wickedly talented tongue. Not that she wanted to.

Cynthia threw her head back and surrendered to his will. At the moment of her capitulation, the hot silk of Rory’s tongue rapidly laved her clit, and then he sucked the sensitized bud. The moon and stars blurred into rainbow prisms. Quaking, gasping, she moaned, her toes curling and hips undulating on endless warm waves of sparkling pleasure. Rory stayed with her, taking her over the crest and far beyond.

The erotic tide receded, and then the universe whirled in a dizzying vortex as he swung her into the swimming pool with him. Lifting her down, he plunged into her in one smooth, electric glide. Cool water sluiced over Cynthia’s overheated skin at the same moment his thick heat speared inside her still-throbbing sheath. Stretching her to the limit. Branding her as his. The intense contrast shocked her body into another unexpected, wrenching climax. Rory’s mouth slammed over hers, swallowing her screams while she shook apart in his arms.

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