What happens when erotic paranormal romance author Calinda B joins forces with the soulful, rock-steady back-up guitar and mandolin player Jonathan Trawick? A saucy excerpt from A Wicked Beginning: Book II in the Wicked Series, accompanied by playfully fun, toe-tapping easy on the ears music, that’s what.

Recent reviews about A Wicked Beginning say “If I gave “A Wicked Awakening” 5 stars, I want to give “A Wicked Awakening”  6!!!”, “This is definitely not some vapid, empty novel, but ones that make you think in a different way.” , and “Highly recommend to fans of romance, erotica, fantasy/paranormal…heck, anyone who wants a well written and addictive story unlike any they’ve ever read before.

You can buy A Wicked Beginning on Amazon or in any format here.

Ready to have a listen? Just click here and have fun but ONLY if you’re 18 or older, please. Excerpt contains “strong language” and “sexual references”.

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