Interview with Kai Williams from the Wicked Series by Calinda B

I’d like to introduce you to Kai Williams, the main character from Wicked Whispering, Book III in the Wicked Series. Kai stands 6’5”, has startling green, blue and gold eyes and a wild mix of brown, red and blond hair. He’s quite muscular and is an avid scuba diver having traveled the world in search of the next big dive adventure. His face is serious as he sits before me, revealing nothing.

Calinda B (CB): What do you want?
Kai: (frowns) What do I want? That’s your opener? What kind of question is that? I guess I want the same thing everyone wants – to live a full and happy life.
CB: That’s fine, but what do you REALLY want?
Kai: (frowns again) What do I really want? I don’t know. What do you want?

CB: This is about you. Answer the question, please.

Buy Wicked WhisperingKai: Fine. (sighs and sweeps his palm over his face) What I really want is to figure out why I hear all these whispering voices in my head, telling me that they are here to help me. I want to know why the fuck I can sense things that no one else I know can sense…like why is it I can look into your eyes and know things about you that you would never in a million years tell me? Or why do I completely lose it when I am around humpback whales? And I mean, lose it, big time. I become this fucking idiot around them, falling into a state of rapture. Who does that, huh? Who else do you know who does that? And why the fuck do I do that? (brushes hands through hair) Sorry. I just lost if for a few. I’m struggling to understand all this stuff. Now I know why I have stayed closed down all these years. Let’s move on, okay?

CB: Do you feel like you are using Cassandra Evans to help you understand yourself?

Kai: Using her? (looks incredulous) Are you kidding me? Cassandra is a beautiful and talented young woman. I think she should just stay away from me. She deserves to be deeply loved and I’m not sure I can do that.

CB: Do you think Cassandra is using you?

Kai: Like, to get over her last boyfriend? Don’t think so. She seems pretty clear headed. No, I think she’s trying to figure out if she should get to know me better. I don’t blame her one bit. I would be nervous around me, too! (makes a self-deprecating laugh) I can be a handful to deal with. But I’m trying. God knows, I’m trying!

CB: Let’s move in a different direction – what are you most afraid of?

Kai: Letting anyone get close to me. Seriously. I believe I’m a pretty weird guy. And…I can’t believe I’m going to say this…but it seems easier to just tool around the planet on dive adventures than to let anyone in and face rejection. I don’t need that kind of shit. I’m fine.
CB: I don’t believe that you are ‘fine,’ Kai. I believe that you are coping. What if the person didn’t reject you? How would you feel about that?

Kai: (thinks for a moment) That seems even scarier. I wouldn’t know how to act…I wouldn’t know what to do. (blows out his breath and rakes his hand through his long hair) I can’t believe you are getting me to talk about this…this feeling kind of stuff. I’m not used to this.

CB: You seem to be a sensitive guy, Kai.

Kai: (snorts and lets out a laugh) Yeah. That’s me. The sensitive guy. Right.

CB: Okay, let’s move on – I’ve got time for one more question. There are rumors floating around that you are a Whale Whisperer. How do you feel about that?

Kai: (starts laughing) Yeah. A Whale Whisperer. Dances with Whales. Hell, if I can figure out one thing about myself, I’ll consider myself fortunate. But a Whale Whisperer? Come on. They are truly magnificent creatures, don’t get me wrong. I’m fascinated by them. Utterly captivated. Have you seen one diving in the deep? Have you seen one breach? Have you seen the way they slap their tails and bodies? They’re called the Thunder Pumpers for a reason, you know. They’re amazing. If being a Whale Whisperer means getting to know the leviathans a little bit better, then, man, I’m all in.

CB: I’m sorry I’ve run out of time, Kai. You seemed to just light up when you started talking about the humpbacks. I hope you figure yourself out. I think the world will be a much better place when you have come to grips with yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

Kai: You’re welcome. My pleasure. Thanks for digging into my head for a bit. Think I’ll hit the deep with Cassandra then, you know, hit the other deep with her if she lets me (winks). I’ll see you later.

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