Happy Happy Joy Joy from Calinda B!

Lust, love, excitement and romance is in the air! Can you feel it? I sure can. I’ve been busy crafting stories, recovering from a broken foot, and ready to get back into the world of adventure again!

  • My latest book, Looks like Trouble to Me, an erotic contemporary romance, was just released. It’s got it all – bad boy thrills, angst, drama, lust and erotic encounters galore.
  • Looks like Trouble to MeMy entire Beckoning Series has been on a few bestseller lists lately. Called  “a thrilling romance that keeps the reader shivering in anticipation”, the latest, The Beckoning of BadAss Things, is awaiting your eyes.
  • I’ll be one of the featured authors on The Romance Reviews’ Sizzling Summer Reads party during the month of June. You’ve got to head over there and play. There are oodles of things to win and, I admit it, I get addicted to solving the puzzles and games.

Enjoy your remaining spring and get ready for summer fun!

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