Just spent two weeks more or less offline due to a hack on our WordPress sites. I won’t bore you with the endless calls made to tech support at Bluehost with no results. Their technicians kept saying “We don’t provide support for that. We can send you a link so that you can fix it yourselves.” Nor will I bore you with my constant and chronic frustration and rage at the incompetence at Bluehost.

Instead, I”d like to praise the angels at Hostgator, the server where we moved all our WordPress blogs and Joomla sites. Those guys rock. They did the entire transfer for us, then spent the last three days troubleshooting, removing malicious code, more troubleshooting, spending time on the phone with us and generally performing customer support to our complete satisfaction.

Hostgator AngelsIf you want to host your WordPress site somewhere that actually assists you, use Hostgator.  From the moment we called them to ask about their hosting plans, until today when my site issues were finally resolved, we were satisfied, satisfied, satisfied with the level of excellence their technicians provided.

They go out of their way to serve you. And they seem to do it with a smile.