calinda b…the world is a strange. Or maybe it’s just me that’s strange…

Do you want to know what made me start writing fantasy romance novels? I haven’t a clue. I only know I’m a really creative person with an active mind and a predilection for exploration – I’ve just got to see what’s under that rock….you know, the one right…over…there.

I was always told that I was a good writer. I even heard people get all gaga over my writing. My response? Whatevah….

But then it hit me….the fever came on strong and suddenly…I just HAD to start writing. My whole bio-rhythmical clock even changed from “Yawn, do I have to get up before 8 am? I’ll be tired and cranky.” to “Holey smokes, its 5 am! Get me outta bed quick! I gotta go hang out with my imaginary friends!”

Sometimes, in my strange little world, I’d even feel them knocking on my door, whispering, “Hey….Calinda…psst…get up… dontcha wanna know what I’m up to today?”

“Okay, okay, give me a moment to make some tea, gather my song list for the day and I’ll be right there.”

And here’s the juicy part…now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a fantastic relationship, discovered after much trial and error, loads of stupidity and strange choices…but when I began to immerse myself in the creative process so fully and personally, my sexuality came roaring through me again, like a twenty-something young adult. Perhaps it was the needed fuel for the creative process….but then, I always seem to be creative. Who knows? Thank god I’ve got some wisdom to go along with that or I’d be in trouble….

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