How sexy is too sexy?

My honey pie and I were having a conversation about that the other day when I showed him my chosen book cover for Book II, A Wicked Beginning (out in October 2011), the top part of which now appears as the background on my website, and the entirety which appears in this posting.

“Too racy,” says he.

“Tasteful!” says me.

“People won’t be able to display it in a bookstore…” says he.

“Why not?” says me.

“They’ll have to shield the kid’s eyes from it.”

“Hmmmm,” says me. “Could be.”

I showed it to a friend who showed it to someone in her office.

“Erotic!” says she.

“Makes me want to find out what’s inside!” says he.

When it comes to art, everyone’s preferences are different. What one person finds racy, another person finds chaste. What one person finds innocent, another may deem stuff of the devil. I viewed the background of one of my Twitter followers page the other day and blushed. With a guy peeking up from between a naked woman’s legs, this was definitiely “shield the kids eyes” material. But then his intended audience is no doubt adult. Same as me. My books are in no way, shape or form pornographic but they do have lots of sex scenes as I tell the story. Let’s face it – we all like to have sex.

I was sitting at the chiroprators the other day, looking at a women’s magazine. This office has really tame stuff to read – information on the health of the back, health magazines – nothing remotely suggestive. Perhaps someone left the magazine – but picking it up,  it seemed pretty innocent. As I perused the womens magazine, I saw an article for “great sexual positions that will please your man!” I turned to a double page spread of a couple sitting in “yab yum” – the woman sitting in the man’s lap with her legs wrapped around his thighs – and I laughed. Here, in the chaste office of a respectable chiropractor is an article on sexual positions? I’ll bet he didn’t know that was in there! But then again maybe he found out – I never saw that magazine again. So I’m left with a big ol’ question mark in my head….how sexy is too sexy when it comes to a book cover? Is a couple sitting in a frothing sea with water washing all around their hips too sexy for the general public? If you’d like to share your opinion, please post it on my Facebook page.