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Here’s an excerpt from The Beckoning of Beautiful Things, a paranormal romance novel, currently on sale at Amazon.

romantic suspense, the Beckoning of Beautiful Things“Light Rebel.”

The whispers landed softly in her ear as she stepped through the night. They came from the back of the house, where the pool was. She stepped forward and paused, listening and waiting. As she waited, another crack split the air, another dark shape emerged, and another man disappeared noiselessly into darkness. I’m surrounded by men – dead men if my dangerous lover has his way.

“Light Rebel. Come.”

She tiptoed through her black surroundings, her mind sharp and clear. She stopped, sensing something. A hand shot out and grabbed her ankle. She shrieked. Another blade glinted, another swift slice slid through flesh, and the man gurgled his last words as he seeped out into the dark.

Daniel, where are you? Again, nothing.

Her hands found the corner of the house. She stepped around the corner, drawn by the whispers. The illuminated, bubbling water in the center of the pool appeared to be hovering in the air since nothing else was visible.

“Come,” the voice called.

She stepped out onto the tiles surrounding the pool and felt her way over to the pool’s edge, still surrounded by black.


The dark water splashed beside her and another reddish ghoul struck a man, just to her left. It opened a giant maw of a mouth and slurped. The man let out a low scream as he vanished into the briny void. Teeth crunching bones echoed into the night and then quietude ensued.

Gah! I didn’t even sense him! The darkness folded all around her once more.

“Come, Light Rebel.”

Marissa slipped into the cool water. It curled and undulated around her, creating innocuous babbling noises as she paddled over to the center pool on her sightless, sound-punctuated journey of doom. She hoisted herself up to stones, acutely aware of the water dripping from her arms and legs landing noisily on the stones beneath her feet. She stood before the lit pool and looked down. She still couldn’t see her own body. She waved a hand over the illumination. Nothing. Did Daniel erase my light, too?

Her skin prickled as she stood. She sensed three large forms to her right and left. She opened her inner sight and made out two teeming shapes, like enormous wild animals, shifting back and forth liked caged beasts. Another bull-like creature stood further back. They paced behind curtains of darkness, waiting, watching, thirsty for blood.

Marissa brought her gaze down to the pool.

Josephina gazed up at her smiling.

This is just wrong. I can’t go through with this.

The face smiled. “Yes.” Do it for the sisterhood of women everywhere. Do it for every woman who has been forced to do something against their will.

Is that my thought? Or Josephina’s? Marissa couldn’t tell. She thought of her sisters, whom she’d seen very little of lately. She thought of her aunt. She thought of their betrayal of her. “That’s not a very good reason,” she whispered back. “I’ll do it so you are free. I’ll do it because it’s the right thing to do.”


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16 thoughts on “Snarkology Paranormal Blog Hop

  1. I am scared by the unseen that watches us. Whatever that may be…great, now I have to do relock my doors and snuggle up with my hubby and dogs – haha!

  2. snakes, sudden chills, and the thought of someone watching me as I walk the dark streets to my house alone… creepy!


  3. Happy Halloween! Two of my biggest fears: spiders and water. Drowning terrifies me. Now, can you imagine a tidal wave coming for you, full of swimming spiders, long legs and even longer fanges? *shudder* lol Thanks for the fun and goodies! 🙂

  4. Even though I have never been bitten by one, snakes make me shiver and shudder. Thanks for the great giveaway. Happy Halloween!

  5. I can handle most scary things in books, but with movies– anything with that bizarre contortionist movement like in The Ring or The Grudge just freaks me out… *shudder*

  6. Wow all your comments freaked me out! (shivers) Thanks for all your comments! I’ll be in a plane tomorrow and will post the winners this weekend!

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