The Caster Chronicles 1-3 Collection (Beautiful Creatures Series  #1-3)The Caster Chronicles 1-3 Collection by Kami Garcia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just finished the Caster Chronicles. Done and done. Overall, the writing was great, the story was fantastic and I highly recommend this series.

When I first started the series, Beautiful Creatures, I was enthralled. I kept urging my non-fiction reading honey pie to have a listen to Beautiful Creatures. The language is rich, vivid and evocative. I listened to it via Audible and the narration was fantastic. The worlds and creatures, people and places were unique and believable. I liked it that the authors veered away from the usual vamps and weres and took the paranormal in new directions, steeped in the South.

I had to slog through Book II, Beautiful Darkness. It got off to a slow start, was good enough to keep my attention, but seemed to stumble a bit. In fact, while I remember bits and pieces of it, nothing lasting sticks in my mind. Still, I had to keep going and finish with Beautiful Chaos.

I read and relaxed with Chaos through the intense stressors of daily life, of which there were many, and the excitement of a long planned scuba dive trip. Like the first book, I was again enthralled with the rich language and the narrators well-done characterizations. The characters were known and beloved to me. The story zipped along, worlds fell apart and sorrow reigned. Still, a thread of hope and love simmered along the pages.

When it got to the end, I couldn’t believe the direction the authors took the story. It was poignant, it was sorrowful, I felt outraged, I felt hopeful, I felt angry, but in the end I was left with the satisfaction of a well-written book that did not follow formulaic patterns – that’s my kind of book. Were it not for Book II I would have given the whole series 5 stars.

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