“Red Rex – “Weirdly entertaining futuristic sci fi adventure with a mix of sex, lust, blood and death.” Sounds thrilling right? I think so. I admit, Red Rex is kind of disturbing. It’s freaky. It’s weird. But, hey, fiction should stretch the boundaries of your mind, make you think and wonder.

I always think and wonder, especially in the fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the shifting of colors from green to oranges, yellows and red on the trees, the way the world seems to put itself out in it’s finest glory. Adventures abound for me at this time of year. I’ve been diving with sharks in the fall. Firewalking in Ukraine and Russia in the autumn. Rock climbing. Messing around under the sea with teenage sea lions, eager to steal my scuba gear. It’s a time to kick up my heels and experience life before tucking into winter’s gloom for reflection. While this year my adventures might be on the tame side (a trip to Las Vegas for the big, yearly scuba show), here are some possible choices for the future. Maybe they’ll stir your inner adventurer, too (oh, and if you leave a comment about something you’d like to do, some adventure, large or small, you’ll automatically be entered to win an eBook copy of Red Rex: Blood Echoes. Winner to be chosen on Nov. 1, 2014):

  1. A trip to Antarctica. A friend and I headed to a local brew bar a few months ago and he met a friend of his who’d been to Antarctica on an artist’s grant. My friend has been to Antarctica a lot, having a job that pulls him to those icy lands from time to time. His artist friend encouraged me to apply, saying, “All you have to do is fill out a long form and convey how Antarctica plays in your writing.” Hmmm. I’m considering.
  2. Dive the Great Barrier Reef. When I first learned to dive, we were sitting in our hotel at night, watching TV. My sweetie skimmed the television channels. He landed on a show about the miniscule box jellyfish, a deadly creature if ever there was one, found in the waters of Australia. The show focused on two dive masters who’d been stung by the jelly. The woman  lay writhing in pain so severe, the doses of morphine they gave her did virtually nothing to stop the searing pain. I made my sweetie turn that channel off and vowed never to dive in Australia. But I seem to never listen to myself and facing fears can be thrilling.
  3. Africa. My neighbor goes to Africa frequently. Maybe I should give it a whirl.
  4. Peru. Almost went there back in the day. It’s still on my list, even though a friend of mine, a native Peruvian, says it’s not the totally picturesque place it used to be.
  5. Dive Galapagos. Yes, yes, yes.
  6. Surf the Pororoca, a tidal bore, with waves up to 4 metres high that travel as much as 13 km inland upstream the Amazon River.  I watched a show on that the other day. I don’t surf. And it looked way dangerous. You might give i t a whirl and tell me what you think. If you survive it, I’ll bet you talk about it with excitement.
  7. Free dive at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Yes. Not the quaint, picturesque dive you might imagine. I hear it’s dark and intimidating.
  8. Zorbing. Climb into a huge, inflatable ball and bounce yourself around like a child.
  9. Water buffalo racing. You can only watch but it involves balancing on small, wooden chariots while wading through shin-deep wet rice fields, racers have to control both their own nerves and not one but two charging bullocks. Could be a good time.
  10. Swim with the great white sharks in Africa (see #3 above – this could be a side trip). I dived with one of the world’s foremost shark experts. Big egoed dude, for sure. The one thing that stuck with me was when he said one of the only sharks he always watches out for…always…is the great white. But hey, in Africa you can climb in a  cage and listen to your heart pound as they bash the side of the cage to show you their teeth. Fun?

So those are some of my ideas for upcoming adventures. Want to try a tamer adventure? Read Red Rex: Blood Echoes and get your heart pumping that way (oh, and if you leave a comment about something you’d like to do, some adventure, large or small, you’ll automatically be entered to win an eBook copy of Red Rex: Blood Echoes. Winner to be chosen on Nov. 1, 2014).

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19 thoughts on “Things that thrill…

  1. I love adventure too. There are a few things on the list — a hike up to Machu Pichu (spelling) in Peru… Sky Diving, parasailing… oy… I could go on and on!

    1. Well, I’m told Antarctica is so frigging beautiful, it’s worth the cold! You should see the pictures my friend posts on his facebook!

  2. My adventure would be tour Ireland and meet my relatives who still reside there. But, the mystique of Egypt with the pyramids… no, wait, the Greek isles and the ancient pageantry and… okay, I would need a full trip of Europe, Africa, Asia and South America to cover most of my bucket list.

  3. I would love to go to Peru, it seems like such a fascinating country. skpetal at hotmail dot com

  4. Calinda,
    My ideas about adventure are far, far tamer. I’d love to go on a hot air balloon ride or visit New York City (probably scarier than most jungles).

    Thanks for sharing your post and stories. Have a great Halloween!

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