David C. Cassidy is the twisted mind behind the best-selling dark thriller, Velvet Rain, and the supernatural thriller, Fosgates Game. An author, photographer, and graphic designer—and a half-decent juggler—he spends his writing life creating dark and touching stories where Bad Things Happen To Good People. Raised by wolves, he grew up with a love of nature, music, science, and history, with thrillers and horror novels feeding the dark side of his seriously disturbed imagination. He talks to his characters, talks often, and most times they listen. But the real fun starts when they tell him to take a hike, and they Open That Door anyway. Idiots.

david-cassidyDavid lives in Ontario, Canada. From Mozart to Vivaldi, classic jazz to classic rock, he feels naked without his iPod. Suffering from MAD—Multiple Activity Disorder—he divides his time between writing and blogging, photography and photoshop, reading and rollerblading. An avid amateur astronomer, he loves the night sky, chasing the stars with his telescope. Sometimes he eats.


“This book is the reason I love to read.”

“Velvet Rain reveals the evils of humanity—the demons hidden under human flesh.”

“As a long-time fan of Stephen King’s work I always knew it would take an exceptional writer to cause me to make favourable comparisons. I think with David C. Cassidy I’ve found that exceptional writer.”

“This book will grab hold of you and will not let you go. It’s perfectly written, and reads like a Stephen King novel. I think there is a new master in town and one that we will be hearing a lot about in the future!”

“There are some books you can’t get out of your mind after you’ve read them, no matter what you’re doing. David C. Cassidy’s Velvet Rain is one of them. This plot will haunt you afterward … in a great way. I’ve had it on my Kindle for a while, along with a list of others that I just haven’t had a chance to read until recently. And now that I have, wow, what a trip Velvet Rain was. Even the ending was perfect.”

“From the opening pages of Cassidy’s dark thriller, Velvet Rain, readers will know they are at the mercy of a master storyteller.”

“If you’re one to have nightmares, this book will give you one. Read at your own risk! Very intense, well written and darn good. David C. Cassidy is one author that makes your neck hair stand up. Stephen King move over, there’s a new thriller author in town!”

“From the opening line to the final sentence, David C. Cassidy kept me turning the pages of this beautifully written novel.”

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